Diane Elgin is married to her wonderful husband of 15 years. They live in Maryland with their two kids and a  dog.

She has a BS in Elementary Education and was a teacher for 14 1/2 years. She currently teaches art and Esol. She is a member of SCBWI. Now, she is a student at the Institute of Children's Literature. She continues to her improves her skills by attending online seminars and podcasts. Diane currently teaches art and Esol to elementary and middle school children. She also volunteers in the toddler classroom at her church Mclean Bible church, and she is passionate about her charities. World Help, Life Action, and the Joshua Project. She is always finding ways to give more.

Diane Elgin started writing at a young age-- writing poetry. A few, years ago she published three art books that are currently available in the Blurb. To Make you Remember, Watercolors and Small Works of Art.

She currently writes picture books age eight and below and women's spiritual help books.


The book" 31 Days of What If " is the questions she asked her self as she went on her spiritual journey to realize it was not about her; it was all about Him(Jesus)Diane was so amazed about how much the words touched her facebook friends and family. Hence, she compiled questions into a book.

 She would love to chat with you as you read her book and go on your journey. She will be praying fervently.


Thank you for reading.


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